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Auntie Flo

Auntie Flo
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Brian D'Souza (Auntie Flo to you and I) is a Scottish DJ, producer and true patron of the club oriented side of global music. After the success of his notoriously stellar Highlife parties in his native Glasgow, Flo toured the world with his band, picking up records and field recordings from the musicians he met along the way.

He eventually put all the people and sounds he had recorded together on the truly excellent 2018 record, Radio Highlife, an album which takes you along in his suitcase as he sonically traverses the globe, from Cuba to South Africa via Senegal and even the Arctic circle.

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I spoke to Brian about the record and how he managed to weave so many different styles together on it with such consistency. We also chatted about the various issues that arise when discussing terms 'global' and 'world' music, the importance of learning from native musicians rather than carelessly adopting their styles and what we can expect from Auntie Flo in the future.

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