I am the lead producer on a number of different podcast series for various production companies. These audio documentary series cover an eclectic range of styles and genres, from history, science, technology, true crime and more. 


I'm one of the producers of Passport, a new podcast from LA based production company, Frequency Machine.

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I'm the lead producer of Invent, a multi series podcast about the future of health and technology.


I created and am showrunning The Poisoners, an 8 part series about South Africa's toxic past. In development.


I write and produce audio documentaries for PassportMusicMap and Barcelona Metropolitan, covering global music, culture, politics and more. You can listen to them through the links below.


I have interviewed various thinkers and artists for my monthly radio show and podcasts. You can check them out through the links below.


Musicmap radio


This is the monthly show I host and produce alongside Benet Serra on London's Totally Wired Radio for MusicMap.

It's two hours of music by niche artists from all around the globe, with interviews and country specific features in there too (you can listen to the features by themselves through the audio doc section above).