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Idris Ackamoor

Idris Ackamoor
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Idris Ackamoor is a man of many talents: a multi-instrumentalist, composer, actor, tap dancer, producer, administrator, and musical director too.


However, the work he is best known for is as the sax playing frontman of veteran US jazz group, The Pyramids, which he started back in the 70s. After studying under Cecil Taylor at university in Chicago, Idris travelled to Europe, met the rest of the band and went on a research-led tour of Africa, playing with local musicians from Ghana, Mali and elsewhere, to learn about their traditional styles, the influence of which you can still hear in his compositions to this day.

I spoke to Idris about that African trip and the effect it had on his subsequent output, as well as his work with San Francisco based performance company, Cultural Odyssey and his compelling new album, An Angel Fell

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