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flavien berger

Flavien Berger
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Flavien Berger is a Parisian singer and producer who has been releasing some really fine music over the past few years – a mixture of earnest songs, soundscape-ridden experiments and floor filling ear worms.

His whole quasi-ironic, uber-French persona (see right) makes it difficult to work out how candid the sweeter end of his output really is, but there's a poetry to his lyrics that, even with limited French, you can absolutely appreciate. He told me about how his songwriting style has developed – from sincere  youthful troubadour to a considered, leading light

Flavien Berger

of French pop.

We also discussed his 2018 album, Contre-Temps, at length, a record that he says is based on a personal fascination with time travel – less Doctor Who and more going back through memory – the exploration of which what is the basis of a truly sublime set of tunes.

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